They’re a strange commodity.

They’re this other form of people; who like similar things to you, who have cause to laugh at you- but chose not too, and who you can surprise at 4am with a tub of ice cream that you’ve eaten almost half of, while attempting to put this or that part of your life back together… and they’ll invite you in and let you talk at them, if you don’t mind their choice of PJ’s and slippers.

If you wanted the greatest friend in existence, you’ve probably been watching too many Barbie cartoons.
You need to be watching Sailor Moon: Who taught that even if you’re at the end of the world, and fighting the Negaverse for the sake of humanity… Her friends have her back, and She has theirs.
They know each others weaknesses and don’t take advantage of them, but rather assist in hard times and laugh at them every other time.

Friends aren’t something that can be bought or sold but of you lose one, they will always take a little piece of You away with them- whether you want them too or not.


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