Lovely dinner conversation

Somebody (I won’t name names here…) in my life recently put to me the decision of what kind of school my children will be going to. i.e, Catholic/Religious School, or Public School.

There was a moment, just between the second and third glass of wine, where I thought of leaping across the table and throwing this person through the glass sliding door. But unfortunately, I realized that I was a little too tipsy to attempt the rather incredulous leap that I’d created in my head and the clean up would’ve been disastrous, so I just sat ramrod straight and glared. 

As my partner and I have discussed numerous times, we do not feel that sending our children to a Catholic/Religious school would give them a step up in the world. We both went to Catholic schools, and this could quite possibly be another reason why we’re not for it, because we both found them to be horrible places. We’re not religious in the slightest, and so the thought of putting our children through that if there is no reason to, seems unjustified.

If our children turned out to want a religious education, for whatever reason, we will accommodate them and provide it through whatever means necessary. But putting them In a school where the morals are merely there for the satisfaction of teachers and parents, and not to actually do anything for the children themselves, is absolutely immoral. All I know is, that because of the Catholicism of my high school, the values of pure human decency were never taught.
I would rather a State/Public school that taught decency and compassion, which had the ability to instruct its children in what was needed in today’s society. Not following a book that is over 2,000 years old.

I can still hear my 9th Grade ‘Religious Education’ teacher telling me, “… Stop thinking, and just let him into your heart!”

Ahh… No, but Thanks!

But, as you can probably tell, the dinner conversation that night petered out to almost nothing, with me and said person shooting daggers at one another, over a delectable raspberry cheesecake.

I have got to get that recipe…



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