Packing is Evil

Packing is one of those things that you never have enough time for.
That, and getting ready to go out… but that just might be me.

We’re headed to the snow in just under 72 hrs for a couple of weeks, and I’m choosing now to start packing- not only that, I’m choosing  right now to complain about said packing.  So, in truth I’m not packing at all… I’m sitting on the spare bed, surrounded by cameras, cords, laptops and clothes whinging about how I don’t have enough time to pack.

I’m a gem, aren’t I?

I absolutely freak when I know that I have to pack and get everything organised in a small amount of time.
But this time I’m attempting to sort stuff out before I reach the point of no return. Hopefully come Thursday morning I’ll be sitting on the deck with a cup of tea, fully dressed, car packed and sorted, at 7am ready to leave by 7.15am.

However, I have a slight feeling it’ll go more like this:

6am; Alarm will go off, trying to wake me up in order to be ready for the day.  The alarm will get silenced a few times before I realize that its 7am and then jump out of bed and proceed to yell at my partner (who is groggy and unresponsive), Why the hell didn’t you wake Me?!

And from there it will degrade into a morning full of swearing, yelling and throwing things in the car in order to leave shy of 10am.

This trip is going to be different, though. Not because last time we went to the snow, it was in the middle of winter … in our camper-trailer.
Intelligent kids, weren’t we?
We’re going with a bunch of friends this time and several of them have little munchkins, so hiring one of those huge chalets with a million bedrooms and hopefully enough space to swing many cats or children- whichever come first. That, and the fact that we will have a sound internet connection. Last time, it was flaky at best, at worst we were completely cut off from civilization as we know it.
Although it wasn’t that difficult because I didn’t do any blogging then, so all that was missing was the enjoyable *bling!* of facebook notifications.

One of my bags which is packed and ready however, contains (as of now, I no doubt will fit other things in) :
Samsung laptop, Sony cybershot, Konica Minolta 5D, 2 lenses, Cords and a few 16gb usb’s.

I’m planning to do a few blog entries and a few vlogs about our trip, not to mention the hundreds of photos.
There will no doubt be many times when I’ve forgotten to turn the camera off and those watching will get a good view of my nasal cavity.
Yay, for editing software!




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