Day 1-3 Travel Log

We rose not too late, ran around for a bit and got on the road by about 8.30am. Stopped at Aratula for petrol and a bit of snack and walked out of the store with two sandwiches freshly made that were about as big as my face- but we finished them! If you ever go through Aratula, stop for a great sandwich and coffee at Aratula Cafe & Ice creamery.

We drove about 5 hours, and stopped for the night at The Crossroad hotel, in Narrabri. This hotel has been recently renovated and despite the lumpy floor and squeaky door, its quite nice…But its on top of a pub and on the corner of an intersection… Nice accommodation choice, Sarina!
I got a occasionally interrupted sleep, but all in all it was ok.
A couple of locals plonked themselves next to us at dinner last night and gave us a bit of local information and history about the place which was super helpful.

We’ve driven from Narrabri to Forbes, and checked into a night motor inn. We have a little kitchenette, and foxel and all the fancy amenities… and a yard next door with 5 dogs and a goat in it. The goat jumped ontop of the shed and bleated at us when I was looking at it.
Instead of a guard-dog, its a guard-goat.

The next morning, (with the goat wishing us farewell) we traveled to Beechworth via Wodonga along the Hume H/way. Honestly, if I were driving the Hume, I’d have to have at least 3 red bull’s before I left in order to stay awake. Its such a smooth road, no hard corners and its 110km the entire way. Thankfully, we didn’t stay on it too long, before we turned off and headed for Beechworth.

Lunch Spot.
Dave and our Kelly Kettle. Its amazing.
‘The Dish’ Quite spectacular to see it up close
I made lots of new friends

Tomorrow we’ll be getting up to Mt Hotham, and Dinner Plain where we’re staying for about a week.



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