Day 4 & 5 – Snow Trip

Driving up to Mt Hotham yesterday afternoon was nothing less than absolutely terrifying. It was like driving through sludge, and we couldn’t see 5 ft in front of the car. 

But, as soon as we got up to the Ski resort, the clouds cleared and it was a relatively smooth drive up the Dinner Plain. 
We had shared cooking duty last night, so I created one of my famous One-Pot Chicken stews. 

We awoke this morning to frost over everything, but sadly it didn’t snow last night. The weather report said that it may snow tonight, but otherwise its a clear week up on Dinner Plain. The snow in Australia isn’t really ‘snow’ … its kind of soft ice (from what I’m told) So walking in it is quite treacherous, as the following picture shows.

We went for a walk around the resort for a bit, saw lots of over-dressed ski-bunnies and lots of kids falling on their butts. After my partner almost stacked it on the walk, we’ve decided to get boot-chains for him. They look like someone has gotten a bunch of thumb tacks, turned them spike side down and stuck them into rubber. Quite useful it the right situation. Also, it would hurt quite a bit if you were ever kicked with them…




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