Thongs at a Wedding…?

I was on the phone to my Dad the other night, making arrangements and re-arranging his arrangements. (He’s the Father of the Bride *to be* … ) But, my sense of humor and comedic timing is all thanks to him. He’s a genius in the field of making people laugh.

I called him to get up him about his choice (or lack there of) in suit, and we get talking about what would happen if he wore board shorts and thongs to the Wedding:

Me: Dad If you wore thongs, They would have to go with the decor!
Dad: Oh, and you don’t think I don’t know that! I’d have to dress up though… I mean, Not every day you’d see me wearing socks AND thongs! 

My Step-Mum was apparently standing behind him fuming.

…I sometimes feel Sorry for those that aren’t in our little club.


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