Wedding Invites

I have said this before, but when it comes to creating anything for myself… I’m utterly useless. Even my art, all has a purpose: To give to so-and-so; For this show; For that wall… etc

Thank goodness, my beautiful friend Penny, at Clone Designs has taken it upon herself to reach into my brain (and my Pinetrest) and unscramble some crazy ideas, and magically come up with some fab invite options.
We’re going for simple and rustic. Being that we both love the country so going to be heavily themed around that, as well as:
No Menu’s- There will be one chalk board at the entrance to the marquee with all food & drink options on it.
-No reply envelopes– They have to email, or txt Yes/No.
We’re thinking of having The Mr. standing in his cowboy boots on the invite, and me standing on a box. (He’s so much taller than me!)
Well… thats the idea for this week, although Its a pretty good one!

All in all, the wedding planning isn’t going as badly as I would’ve expected! Albeit, a couple of weeks ago He looked at me, I looked at him and we almost said “Screw it, we’re Eloping!”



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