Sound Sense|Sense Sound

Out of all my senses I think I relate to sound the least.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Sounding when its available.
Vision is all ‘Look at me, Look at me!’.
Touch, with all its demands for hugging (Needy little bastard.)
Taste and Smell are kind of lumped together for me; like those two people you know that always go to the bathroom together.
(Note: Not that I taste things in the bathroom… that is not what I meant.)
My imagination is also working quite well, I can imagine flavors of food and run through them in my head until I find the one I want to eat for dinner.

But Music tends to dominate any association with sound but I think of all those small, insignificant sounds;  the odd, the frightening and the weird. They must feel left out.
It makes me feel bad for all of those little sounds.

Like the small escape of air humph that you make while hugging someone you love or The muffled ear crackle while you swallow when you have a cold.
Like the swirling grumbling your stomach makes when you haven’t fed it in a while or The electrical static hum of street lights being turned on at dusk.


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