Children: You’re not dressing slutty enough (?)

I went to the Indooroopilly Westfield in Brisbane today, to pick up some things and get my nails done. On my meandering, I stopped in at Kmart for a little clothing/housewares-browsing/buying. Now, I find it hard to fit the smallest clothing in the womens’ section usually, because they’re generally fitted to people with curves… and I have a distinct lack of them.
So, I shop about 50% of the time in their relatively extensive children section. Size 14-16 (Girls) fits me well, even with a little room to spare.

Today though, it was like I walked into the Junior Skank section by mistake.  I even took a photo of one product, which by my reckoning would’ve fitted a 7-9 y/o:

c/o : Kmart, Indooroopilly
Are. You. Kidding. Me?

Don’t get me wrong!: I’m 25, and I have some amazingly ludicrous outfits in my wardrobe and sometimes I feel like a complete tart when I go out, and other times I wear jeans and a shirt and look like a total slob.
But the difference is, I’m old and ugly enough to know that there is a distinct difference in what I’m dressing for, and Why I’m dressing for it.

Children, on the other hand generally have no idea. They want to wear what they see there older siblings/Mother wearing, and think that if they look like as well, they’ll have fun too!

And THAT, is totally and utterly the wrong message we should be sending our kids.

I hate to say it, but if I go shopping with my daughter and she picks out something like that…

I’ve failed as her Mother, and at life in general.


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