I think I have a problem …

I think… I’m a Compulsive Re-Decorator.
And I’ve realized that it runs in the family (Thanks, Mum)

It all started with moving my bed around in one of my old houses. It was the first place that was just mine, and although it was small and pokey- I realized that I could move things around and make it seem like it was bigger.
Eventually on the eve of finally moving out, I realized that the bed had been on every possible wall, as had the TV and Cupboards. My kitchen cabinets were not bolted to the floor, so in one Instance I even relocated one to serve as my bathroom cabinet until I could spare the $150 to buy one.

I don’t think the Landlord liked it when he came in to inspect the property upon my leaving, because I don’t think I actually put anything back were it was originally.

Its like a tidal wave for me:
First, I see something wrong with the way the room is currently set up, the rug isn’t working right or the chair doesn’t quite fit etc.

Next, that little thing turns into a couple of things, and I try to make it work with just them. I switch them with something else or remove the all together, and pretend to be happy with the result.

Then… before I know it, the couch and TV have swapped places, the table is a charming burnt orange instead of brown and I’m now sweeping a spot of the floor that used to be carpeted.


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