Gratitude Sunday

The early morning start. 4am let me see the sunrise, which I don’t usually get to see because sleep and me are in a ‘serious relationship.’

New family. My partner’s Parents came over and stayed last night, and made me laugh all night with their stories.  They just sold their house so were wanting celebrate, and brought over an ancient bottle of champagne. Unfortunately, It was curdled beyond belief, so we drank three bottles of red wine between us, and sat by the fire instead.

Left overs for lunch. A scrumptious chicken quiche that I whipped up last night. Quiche has become my all time favorite thing to make and eat, since I’ve said ‘Fuck it!’ to store bought pastry and started to make my own.

Great ideas. My (soon to be) Mother in Law gave me a great idea for the wedding ceremony,  which I think we will use. It makes about 10 irritating things just disappear, and the day will run so much smoother.

Nice conversation. A couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses came strolling down the driveway when I was elbow deep in washing up and still in my pj’s. I am not religious what so ever and intend to remain that way, however we had short but lovely talk about the goings on of the world. It then swiftly changed into a chorus of “OOooh!!!” because my dogs realized there were people here, and wanted to lick them to death.

Mutts. Nyla is slowly being weened off the drugs that the specialist put her on for her Glaucoma. One in particular, that controls the swelling. We’ll see if it makes any harmful change in the next couple of days, but fingers crossed because its going so well at the moment.


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