I’m reading a blog post by a very talented writer, Brittany Simon, about her Halloween in a BDSM club.
(Note: This isn’t me. I don’t identify with that way of feeling pleasure. For the people who do, more power to you! Its just an interesting perspective to read about.)

I’m reading away and I come across a widely used word: Mesh.
In the context of which it is used in her post, Mesh means Her physical and metal attributes not Meshing with someone else’s.
I stop, and think about it.

For me, this is a very accurate description. I’m definitely the kind of person to know within 5 seconds whether You and I should be communicating, or sitting there in a respective silence. Many people that I’ve met with my partner, I’ve had to mentally put myself  in a position where it won’t kill me to sit there and listen to them chat away, all the while wanting to be as far away from them as possible.

For example here are two prevalent ‘people’ in my life right now, at either end of the scale;

The Ass-hat: This is a person who will walk into the scenario, large as life and waving at even the most insignificant person (to them)… and stands right in front of me to talk to the person I’m currently conversing with. They know I’m there. (I’m not that short!)
The person I’m talking to looks all flustered and speaks tight lipped and cranky at what just happened.
When The Ass-hat seems to think that they’ve annoyed me enough, they turn around and stare at me for about 2 seconds then strut away, banging into my shoulder as they go.
Again, this is a completely childish way of dealing with the situation, but I let them do it because it seems, that’s the only ‘1up’ they feel they have against me; Not allowing me to speak to them. (?)

At that point, the person I was talking to comes up to me and apologizes profusely for them. I brush it off with a comment like “Its fine. Now, where was I?”

The Nicest Person Alive:  This is a person who I absolutely love speaking with about anything, whether it be the thermal insulation of industrial buildings… or how much rosemary to use in a cottage pie. They greet me in a way that I don’t feel agitated or alarmed; they always say something before they hug/touch me; they always smile, which is utterly contagious.

It’s a wonderful way to be, and the fact that they walk into a room and it just seems to light up.  I walk into a room, and a few people nod at me, and continue on with their conversations. That’s the difference with being confident (what I’m missing), yet still allowing that small amount of long-forgotten manners come into the equation.

However, the people who I refuse to speak to are those that give Pity. I’m not sure if its just them, or they give it instead of something genuinely thoughtful- but I detest it.
I’m the kind of person that tries to always put a happy/bright spin on things. Very rarely do I let others thoughts of comments get me down, although it is known to happen.
I’m almost offended when I’m speaking to someone, and they’re only response is Pity. That means, to me, that they haven’t got a clue about the subject at hand and their knee-jerk reaction is to make themselves seem higher than it.

Why not just say outright, That this subject isn’t one you’re familiar with ?!?

Le Grrrr!

Thanks for the stimulating writing subject, Brittany. 


2 thoughts on “Mesh

  1. I’m the exact same way! I can’t stand people who think they’re above everyone else and who just butt into conversations like that! I actually write a lot on my page about how much I hate people who think they’re better than everyone else (I have a rant page). Yet I love someone who is always smiling and makes me feel good.

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