Truth (s)

When a friend tells a story, but its one that they’ve already told me… I question the very fabric of reality, and the meaning of each and every individual word they’re speaking- while smiling and nodding along as if I’m actually interested in what it is they’re saying.

It makes me want to involuntarily throw up when I suddenly see a mug too close to a table edge.
If it falls of, I will lose my shit entirely.

I secretly get pissed off when someone presses the elevator button, when I’ve already pressed it… and they’re going to the same floor.

I’ve stood by something that I knew was entirely false, just because the person I was talking to was a complete ass and pretended to know all about it

I’ve never eaten a booger. I seriously don’t know what go through the minds of the people that do.

I have conversations with myself… usually, I’m the bad guy.


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