I play a game when I’m in a hospital waiting room called,  Guess What Disease?
And before you think it, I was given the rights to play this game by a friend who had Cancer. Not that her having Cancer should be a reason to play it… just so You don’t think I’m a total dick for taking part.

The first time I met her, She walked up to me and said, “My Mother and I can’t decide…” 
“Decide… What?” I replied utterly puzzled.
She was wearing this lurid pink and purple scarf on her head, she had scruffy blonde fluff around her temples.
“Decide what you’ve got.” She said, “What disease you’ve got. We can’t pick it, what is it?”
I smiled and told her, “Tricuspid Incompetence Ebstein’s Anomaly.” 

She looked at me for a second and then yelled over her shoulder, “Ma, We suck at this game. Also, I think I need to learn Latin…”


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