A person more Important than You

Imagine if we, as a nation or even a planet, payed as much attention to one insignificant person, as we are currently doing to Philip Hughes, it would be a most fantastic place to live.

For those of you who don’t know, Philip Hughes was an Australian Cricketer. He was 25 years old, and suffered blunt force trauma to the head (via Cricket ball) which resulted in a subarachnoid hemorrhage. He was placed in an induced coma, but never regained consciousness.

Riddle me this: What If each and every person was given the same medical and social attention as Philip Hughes?
I think there would be a lot more healthy and well people trotting around on our planet, to say the very least.

I’m not here to say that Philip Hughes was not a star, in his field. He made his Test debut at the mere age of 20, and in all accounts was a brilliant cricket player.
But, he was just that.
A Cricket Player. A Sports Star.
Someone that could throw, hit and run from a ball.

He wasn’t a medical marvel, or even a scientist. He wasn’t an amazing chef, or someone that struggles to pay their bills while raising a family on a single wage. He didn’t do something that physically or emotionally changed peoples lives for the better.

Do YOU know who Edvard Moser or Stefan Hell are?

Edvard Moser is a Norwegian psychologist, neuroscientist, and institute director of the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience and Centre for Neural Computation at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway.

Stefan Hell is a Romanian-born German physicist and one of the directors of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, Germany.

They have both won the Nobel Prize, for 2014 in their respective field.

And… is there a credible reason why we don’t know about them?  

What about all of the other people who never get the chance to tell their families goodbye?
All of the people that die in our roads when they’re trying to get home, or who are simply doing their job.
No one knows about these extraordinary people.

Yet, we know the name of one young man who threw a ball. And we, as a people, mourn his passing as if it actually meant anything to us.
Excepting those friends and family- who actually knew anything about him? 

In no way is this post supposed to undermine the fragility of human life. It was a tragic thing that happened, and I sympathize with his friends and family and all those who knew him personally.

But, I’ve been in hospitals and heard the wailing of children who’ve just found out their Mother is dead; and seen the sad face of someone who has just lost their legs in a car crash.

No one opens their minds and hearts for all of those victims of everyday occurrences; they get shunned into homes and wards and left to fend for themselves.
No one looks at the fundamental scientists that shape the way we, as a people, function of a day-to-day basis.

Yet the media expects us to turn around and cry for this man?


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