FB Groups & Mothers who have sick kids; Take a look at what You’re typing, Please.

Facebook groups for Sufferers (or) Mothers with Children that have X; Should be banned.
They are spokes box for Mothers whose Husbands/Families won’t listen to the whinging about How their child having this disease is so hard on them.

I get it. It is fucking hard on You.
Anyone that has a sick child, I fucking Congratulate you on getting this far!

However, turn around for just a split second and look at it from your child’s point of view:

They’re sitting there thinking constantly whether they’re going to die tomorrow.
They don’t know how they might feel when they wake up, and its safe to say that they are most always angry.
They’re angry because no one takes the time to understand that and they feel like they must be always happy and thinking the best FOR YOU.

I’ve been there a few too many times to sit back and watch all this shit unfold without saying something, and always whether I’m nice or not, I’m made to feel like the absolute bully for simply reminding them that Instead of being on FB complaining for hours on end; go and spend some time with this child that you supposedly love so much. 

I’ve joined a couple of those groups, because I have several issues myself and thought they would be somewhat useful.
Granted, its probably useful for them to have to option to talk to others about said issue… but when You’re sitting there speaking to an Adult (ME) with the same issue as Your child… don’t you think You’d listen to them?!
But No. 
They refuse to listen because I’m young/not a Mother myself/ Etc Etc.

I’ve also asked a genuine question before, looking for a bit of help and I instantly go shot down, for not doing something some doctor said to do.

1. I live in a different country to You, ergo unless I have squillions of dollars (Not) My Doctor isn’t going to be the same as Yours.
2. Even if wasn’t doing something; it probably wasn’t having any effect on the problem at hand.

3. Where the hell do you get off trying to tell Me what is good for My body? I’m the one asking the question and I retain any and all ability to do whatever the hell I want with the information I receive.


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