Personally, I would not have named the refrigerator company “Smeg” … I didn’t even use that as a bad word when I was a kid because it was so gross…

When I get to the stage in my life where I have a kid, and that kid starts school, and school friends come over … I’m going to ask them, “What phrases can I use to piss you people off?”

I’m going to teach my kids about hugs, love and about how the world is mostly nice.
I will get angry with them and show them a form of anger that does not lead to their destruction, and in turn they will hopefully feel safe in that.
I will show them how to bring humor to even the darkest of situations; there is no feeling of sadness, or anger that will never say no to being lifted by a smile.
I will walk with them barefoot through the world and show them the best of everything.


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