D’lecetably Delightful

Cafe’s these days are becoming totally stoic in their connection with the outside world. By this, I mean that their complete eradication of anything remotely ‘kid friendly’.

Trying to eradicate these little knee-high things called children, is not only difficult, but it is quite bad for business.  Usually their Mum’s are after a nice coffee, something to eat and a little sit-down time, without the glares and pursing of lips if their little people get a little rowdy.

I was utterly surprised today when My friend and I (with two little rug-rats), strolled into this café and were seated within 1 minute. Then our lovely waitress brings out cold water, accompanied by two glasses and two cardboard cups for the kids. That alone was amazing.
But wait, it gets better.
As we had lunch, complete with strawberry milk shakes made in these wonderful little jugs that the kids adored, we were suprised again when the waitress came over and told us that not only do the kids get a Free babychino (+ marshmallows and chocolates) but there was a basket full of toys that they could go and rummage around in!

Great food, Great coffee, Amazing service.

D’Lectable Cafe & Bar  : 7 Princeton St, Kenmore QLD 4069

Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/dlectablecafebar


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