There is always that moment when you’re reading a book, and suddenly that stack of pages starts to feel unusually thin. You stop reading and slowly realize that… Yes, you are indeed nearing the ending.

That feeling pulls you out of the pages and back from the words. You sit there for a moment, as your brain is trying to free itself from the twists and turns of the words on the pages. Your dry eyes blink and blur, and You discover with feigned misery that your hands are cramped around the cover of the book, but You didn’t feel it until that moment.

Suddenly, You go through the problem of whether to continue reading and get to the end quicker, or get up and go and make a cup of tea and get back to it later. To greedily read it all, or to savor the moments.
Honestly, when I think back about the times that I’ve done the latter… I realize that while drinking the tea I’d just made, one eye would always be on the cover of the book.

Moments in life, are like pages of a book.
Unless you’ve lived this moment before, you have no idea how its going to end.

It was always thinning as I read, but it was only that one moment that I noticed.



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