Miss You

Right at this moment, my two dogs are by my feet.

It’s amazing to have a creature that is well within its rights to go away, go outside or anywhere else… but they chose to be right by your side.

My girls haven’t left my side for the last two days. They both still wait for the Mr. to come home, and haven’t figure out why he’s not walking through the door. They wait, and wait and wait. I temp them back with food, or a forbidden spot on the couch as a way of trying to take their mind off it. It works sometimes but otherwise, they mope for days.

It just generally sucks.

It hurts like hell, when at 4.30am I have to kiss him goodbye and see him walk to the taxi. I’m standing there in my pyjamas, with my crazy bed hair and squinting as I see him pulling out of the drive way and down the road. I lock the door behind him and feel an emptiness that I can’t fill until he comes home.

I play music, cook every dish, clean every wall, but at the end of the day … I still sleep with my phone beside my head, and wait for his “Good morning!” message when I wake.

…I’m terrible.



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