He’s coming home tomorrow night. 

I told him once that when he’s away, from about Monday to Wednesday, I mope.
I can’t help it.
I feel like he’s left, no one else is there and the house is HUGE and scary.
I stay in my pyjamas all day, do nothing but wander around the house aimlessly and eat terrible food.

The dogs get a bit jittery when he’s away as well.
I’m not sure if that actually because he’s away, or that they’re feeding off my emotions; but never the less they bark alot more, fidget, run and Nyla (the blind one) Whimpers when he’s not home. Juno gets protective and whenever Nyla will bark, She’ll run up and make sure its OK.
They’re my protectors and even though it isn’t really needed, I still value it.

He’ll come back tomorrow night, and the girls will go totally bonkers. But after that, they will settle.
I appreciate that they know when our weird little family is back together and how it should be. The enjoy the company of other people, but never have I had a dog that is so conscious of Our presence in their life.

He’s coming home tomorrow night. I’ve missed him.


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