Human is Human

I get so pissed off when I see those videos on my Youtube feed of the black Men telling everyone that they’re not what society and the media says they are.

I’m a White Female, 25-30 y/o, living in a snobby part of Brisbane, Australia.
Most of the people on a daily basis I see, are like me.
(Although, I have skin that needs me to be living in the depths of Scotland, where the sun doesn’t even scratch the surface of the clouds….but instead I’m living here, in the Sun’s backyard.)

Human is Human, whether you’re White, Brown, Black, Yellow, Blue or Green. I can’t get in into my head that one colour genre is worse than the other!
I spent some time in a part of the world when I was younger, where it wasn’t the colour of your skin that everyone judged- it was your integrity and the words that you spouted out; i.e If you were found to be a lying thieving moron, you were punished accordingly.

I hear friends talk of someone they don’t like, and immediately have a slur on their skin colour. I look at them and think three things;
1. Don’t gossip. That shit is wrong on so many levels.
2. Why am I friends with someone that is so incapable of leaving out the fact that their skin colour is different?
3. What would happen if they came around the corner right now…? My friend would turn things upside down to get out of the fact that she was just bitching about them. 

The thought that someone, somewhere is subjecting themselves to feel less  than a human being, in order for someone else to feel better about themselves, makes me sick.

Human is Human. 


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