Comparison of Time

Things have changed in the last month.
I’m now a Mrs. with a spiffy new ring and everything.
It’s coming to grips with those specific changes, which have a certain weight to them.

My Name;  The name is most definitely a difficult thing to get over. Even though these days its a one click facebook name change… in reality I think that it’ll take some time getting used to being referred to as someone else. I have to figure out who this new person is, and decide if I like her.

My Secrets; Thoughts, Words, Mistakes, Weaknesses… Things that I have tried to hide from the world. Those hidden little gems in the back of my mind are suddenly on display to another person.

My Self: I am no longer just …Me. I’m now part of this little unit called Us. This unit has rules, regulations and processes that until now, I’d only just scratched the surface of. I am Him. He is Me.
There is no left or right… there is just movement.

My Need To Be Right (In Every Circumstance): Pretty self explanatory, right? I’m the kind of person that likes the last word in an argument, no matter if I’m right or wrong. Now though, I’ve realized that a little process exists called “Suck it up, Princess”.
It involves me bowing out, and noting that Yes. You in fact are the victor in this argument/ situation/ issue … and that’s OK.

But I look at my (now) husband, our dogs, our life together and… It hasn’t changed anything. We’re still the same people we were, striving for the same things and struggling to get out of life what we’ve put in.  We now, just do it as a team. A team that will have ups and downs, crankiness, smiles, irritations and laughter.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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