Honeymoon: Huh?

I haven’t actually had a honeymoon… “Honeymoon”.
I’m not complaining, but I’ve been looking at hotels, flights and things, particularly with the search phrase “Honeymoon in …” and the I came across this.

The reason why we’ve yet to have a honeymoon is, the wedding was so fucking stressful. I mean, Wow.
I thought that it’d stress me out a bit, but that it would be ok! … WRONG.
In saying that, I’d do it all again. It taught me a hell of a lot about myself and others that I didn’t know before, and the fact that I got a lot better at the whole:  “…You really want me to pay that much for a marquee? Hahah… You’re joking, right?!”

Our honeymoon was supposed to be camping with a bunch of friends, about 3 hrs north of our current residence in QLD, Australia.

(Camping?! )

Yes. Camping. 
We do that. Calm down.

Anyway, the reason we didn’t go: A few of the husbands went a day early to mow our spot, get fire wood, dig toilets, get drunk… You know. The usual guy camping thing.
Then the next day, us girls were supposed to travel up and join them.
But, when it came time to drive up the road that went to the camp sight… they couldn’t.
Logging trucks had been driving the road in the last couple of days, as well as a heavy down pour, which meant that If they went any further… they would’ve been bogged.

With this tragic news, we all regrouped and decided to go back to our good friends property that was only about 10 mins away from our house. It was great, beside a dam with friends, camp fires, kids running about, and lots of alcohol.

But, even though we went on our “Honeymoon”, I (perhaps We) don’t really feel like it was that special.

So, I’m on the tiresome journey right now, of finding somewhere for us to go. Which, honestly, isn’t that fun when all the excitement have been taken out of it.


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