Negative be damned!

I’ve spent some time alone recently (The husband has been away on another work trip) and I’ve made the realization that I’ve never really felt what its like to have a Good friend.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of friends over the years. They’ve come in and out of my life, some removing themselves completely for various reasons, and some I still talk to. Some have stayed in my life for years, and some lasted mere hours.
But there is one thing that sets (most) of them apart; they were Negative friends.

They’ve all experienced or been a part of the Negative aspects of life; be it them bitching about so-and-so over a bottle of wine, or Me crying because what’s-his-name cheated on me (again); they hate their job; I hate my house… etc etc.

I understand that all relationship have periods of hardship and that friendships will have such things happen, and if you’re a good and loyal friend, you’ll help them through those times.
But, those times need to come to an end, and your friendship continue; Not wait around until there is another thing to bitch about, or worse make something worth bitching about.
For example; I was having a super stressful week (near the end of one such friendship) and it was the first time that I’d wanted to talk to my friend about my anxiety and get Her thoughts/opinions of how I could deal with it all.  I was calling for Her to step up as a friend, and help me out. As you can probably tell, this didn’t happen.

That was the Saturday night, that I actually stopped and thought about this subject for the first time.

As it stands, I’d have to say that I only have about 2-3 actual proper friends in this life. All completely and utterly different from one another, but I fail to see how I got them, or how they managed to stay around.

Recently, I went of a culling-expedition, and honestly I think it did me a world of good. I’ve cut people from my life that constantly berated me of the things I was missing, or treated me like a mother.

These were not good or healthy relationships.

I need to find out if this mysterious third type of friends even exist.

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