Arting Q&A

1. How I became and Artist. 
I don’t really consider myself an ‘Artist ‘ – even though, that’s predominately what I do.
I have done no traditional training, through anything other than high school and I’m very varied in what I do.

2. My speciality and why I chose it.
I haven’t yet chosen one, but predominately my work consists of acrylic on canvas although; about a year ago, it was enamel on board. I’m one of those people that gets stuck on a thing and goes as far as they dare with it… before stopping and backing away from it in fear.

I have had a brief stint with Oils, although… I hate them. Waiting for days for a piece to dry, and then making soup out of it with your brush is not  what I call “Progress”. 

10348992_10152796609258314_2336134991887284524_n3. The story behind a piece of art.paitning
This latest piece that I’ve (almost) finished doesn’t yet have a name.

I painted it to get out of the mind numbing cocoon of Arrrrgh! that had somehow enveloped my skull that week. I’m going to have to do another one, because that awkward phase of Here we go again!  has popped into my subconscious today.  I’m almost finished it, although I do like to have a few going at once.

4. My inspiration.
Inspiration is very Hit and Miss for me. I haven’t painted in over 3 months, and then one day I picked up the paint brush and created.

I’m drawn to painting with bold colours; I like larger canvases rather than small ones; I enjoy painting at night rather than in the day. Also add to that a glass/bottle of wine, which always helps my creativity.

5. My creative process.

-Music. A nice bunch of tunes, of which I know 75% of the words.
-A breeze. I have at least one window open, no matter the weather. I like a gentle breeze , although that probably isn’t really conditional to painting… It’s just nice.
-A inkling of what to create.  A something. An anything. I’m not one of those people that can start from nothing and create.
-Enough paint. Believe me, The times that I want white/black/blue etc and there is none happen more than you think.
-Enough time. I need a good couple of days to churn out a piece, or a couple of weeks to work at it at my own pace.


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