A Letter to my Kid(s), about the future.

Dear (Possible) Future Child,

1) When you’re 16+ (hopefully!) at some party with your friends, on the roof of a house with a certain someone with blue hair and amazing eyes… ask them about their day. Everyone has a story and everyone wants to share it.

2) Please never mistake Desire, for Love. Love is amazing. It will totally engulf your heart, mind and soul. It will give you wings, and give you a purpose to fly.
Desire is a raw heat. You need it, Want it, and can’t sit still until You’ve had it.
Love will give you desires; but desire won’t give you Love. 

3) No body will save you. You have to stand on your own two feet, and rely on them to get you places. Your parents can only do so much and then… it’s utterly up to You.

4) One day, someone is going to smile at you… and that smile is going to feel like the heat of the sun. You’re going to melt from the inside out and find every part of you shaking. When they leave You, it will feel like death incarnate.
If You learn anything… Please know that feeling is temporary.

(Possible) Mum.


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