You probably think this post is about You?

I’m the kind of person that tweets, instagram’s & facebook’s about the shit that is happening in their lives.
(For example; When I was getting married, everything was La Ti Fucking Da! This is the best moment of my entire life! )

I can’t really help it, and that’s just the kind of person that I am. I love to be involved and Involve people in my life, so therefore why the hell wouldn’t I share that random quiz, or blog that I actually asked Billy Connolly to my wedding? (He didn’t come, just so you know.. Tsk.) 

But, I often get the messages or calls from people I know, who have read a blog or facebook post of mine and insist its about them… when really, Its not.
The people who have actually got that right and it is about them, have asked me about it and in response I told them; “Yes. That was in point of fact, about/referencing you/our relationship.”
And then… We’d talk about it like human beings and understand where each of us was coming from.

But honestly, the reality is that if You know me… You know I like angsty shit. Songs, Lyrics, Poems. All that stuff.
It tickles my bones.
Sometimes its in relation to stuff I’m going through, friends or family is going through. Sometimes its because I’ve had a few to many drinks on a rather lonely night, and I just write whatever is in my head.

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