Japan: First week

We caught a flight to Hong Kong, which landed at 7am. We didn’t sleep too well, but still managed to go up Victoria Peak and see the sights for a few hours, before we got on a late afternoon flight to Tokyo, Japan.

The flight to Japan was … Peaceful. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it. There was no raucous people, no kicking of seats and no disturbing each other. We were fed an amazing meal and settled in, but I tossed and turned… I can never sleep on planes.

When we landed it was 11:45pm, and as we were beginning to get our luggage from the overhead lockers, I thought the re-fuling truck bumped the plane. I didn’t think anything else of it. We were on the train to Tokyo city, and a really nice man asked us if we needed any help, as we poured over a Tokyo map. He helped us find our way and continued to chat with us, and then told us that the truck bumping into the plane was actually a 8.5 magnitude earthquake!

The people of this country are just amazing. I thought that I’d find bowing ineffectual but in actual fact its an extremely reliable and effective way of describing your appreciation, without speaking. That, and the fact we speak almost no Japanese but have managed to stay fed each day and enjoy ourselves, only by the sheer determination of these wonderful people trying to communicate with us.

The next few days were spent trecking from one end of Tokyo to the other. The Shikansen, or Bullet Train has definitely been a highlight of our trip, so far.  Also, the Tokyo Aquarium and Zoo Were fascinating.

We caught the Shinkansen 3hrs south this morning, to Osaka. We’ve already found a little place that fed us so well that we almost rolled out the door.

Osaka will be a little different, no doubt, from Tokyo but hopefully just as amazing.

My Instagram has pictures of our trip, so far and I’ll be adding many more. If you’d like to see what we’ve been doing feel free to follow along!

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