Motivational Playlist (Of Sorts)

This week, I’ve been listening to some stuff to get me motivated and doing things, because I don’t know about you, but when I come back from holiday I always without fail, seem to slump in my chair for about a week and Youtube the time away.

I’m trying not to do that this time, because I understand that this house ain’t going to keep itself.

This is my Motivational Playlist (Of Sorts).

 -Celtic Girl: BarleyJuice
-Irish Heartbeat: Billy Connolly version
-Pour That Whiskey: BarleyJuice
-Get Your Irish On: BarleyJuice
-Evil Scotsman: Billy Connolly
-Noble Maiden Fair: Emma Thompson, Peigi Barker
-Touch the Sky: Julie Fowlis
-Into the Open air: Julie Fowlis
-Cripple Creek: Billy Connolly
-Last train to Glasgow: Billy Connolly
-Willow Beats: Merewif
-IVIVI: Lily Singh + Humble the Poet
-Radioactive: Pentatonix + Lindsey Stirling
-All the things she said: T.a.T.u
-Shake it off: Taylor swift
-Seize the day: Melody sheep

…I’ve just realized how much Billy Connolly & BarleyJuice I listen to.



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