The Grand Atheismo.

Atheism, In my view, Isn’t a religion.
The way I see it, Its Simply a personal relationship with reality.

I’ve gotten asked before, “Why do you hate god?” and then told that, “God loves you, all you need to do is accept that!

Riddle me this: How can I hate something, that I don’t look at as realistic in the first place? And Why accept something as fact, when it does absolutely nothing to present itself in any other way that an absolute joke?

The burden of proof lies on religion’s shoulders, not mine. They’re “Because God said so…” nonsense doesn’t fly with me. When I say proof, I mean proof; tangible proof that no one can deny. If they can pull that out of a hat, I might listen to what they have to say.


I hold one belief, however, very dear to my heart:

Once, there was absolutely nothing.
Nothing happened to the nothing.
Nothing kept happening,until one time or another… it exploded.

Then the Nothing created Everything.
A bunch of the exploded NothingEverything rearranged itself (because it wanted to)
And become dinosaurs…


I’m not a fanatic that wants everyone to believe the same as me. Believe what you want, I don’t care.
In fact, if you do believe something different, it makes a fantastic conversation starter.

I just get frustrated when I can’t open my door to put the rubbish out, without the local religious scout groups suddenly popping out of whatever hole they’ve been hiding in, and want to drag me into their windowless van and smack me around the head with various biblical verses. 

I get it, You’re trying to please your creator… or something.
Else-wise, you’re just really whiny… and that is honestly not cool.



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