Fighting: Pulling it apart

Fighting is like an angry knot, all tied up and pissed off.
In order to see what the fuck the actual Fight is about, You have to pin this little bastard down and pull him apart until he’s nothing but threads.

The first thread you find is that little curly one off the the side:
The One That’s Out of Your Control.

It does everything not to be pulled out, but eventually its the first one because it draws attention to itself with all its squirming. It’s main essence should be of no concern to You, because You can’t change it. Nothing You could or couldn’t have done will ever effect this little wise-ass, so stop falling over your own feet and keep pulling.

The next bunch of threads you’ll come up against:
The Feels. 

These are in no particular order and can come in all shapes and sizes. They have only one aim, and that’s to make you feel like shit. Also… there is nothing you can do about them except bask in their unavoidable orchestra of fuck you right were it hurts the most!

They could come long after the fight clears up, and make you think about the things you said or did over and over again, until you can do nothing but lay in bed clutching your pillow as you slowly whisper the words to Taylor Swifts “Shake It Off” under your breath;  Shake it off, I Shake it off … I, I, I, Shake it off!!

The final bunch of threads you’ll find is;
The Truth

There is an innate possibility that you won’t find these at all. The Truth could be hidden under The Feels, but tangled with The One That’s Out of Your Control… and so, you might never see it.
If you do see it, remember it. This little pathetic weave of thread is what this whole mess is over. It takes a real person to understand this, and look beneath The Feels.



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