July Photo Challenge / I Have the Plague

This month, I’m doing a photo challange on Instagram entitled  #julyphotochallenge by The Idea Room. They’ve given a list of 31 different things as a photographical starting point for each day. We’re currently up to Day 8 out of 30, which is ‘ín between’.
It seems to be a very open ended challenge, which  is good for me. I very rarely call a spade, a spade. (Usually its a digger, or even a spud!) 

Finding inspiration for these photos is poking my brain a bit; plus I’ve got a horrendous cold (aka, The Plague) at the moment so all in all, I’m not doing the most creative things on the planet this week. More of the ‘sitting on the couch, drinking herbal tea and writing my never ending novel’ type things, which is completely what today has in store.

If You’d like to check out how I’m going with it, Click Here to jump to the These Little Creatures instagram.


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