I’ve been trying to write this for the past hour: I have been starting this off like a story, then deleting it.
Doing it again, then deleting it.

I’m obviously compelled to write something profound today because its my 8th Stroke-iversary, but not to sure what that will be exactly.

Something people always ask me is, ” Why do you call it Your stroke?”.
That’s simple. Because it is mine. It’s not exactly FREE to good home(!!), Its not for sale and I’ll always have those bits of brain matter that called it quits. I can’t run away from it, and I have yet to find a Tardis that’ll take me back in time. Everything I am today, in one way or another, is because of my stroke. Its part of who I am today.

I haven’t figured out if I like the fact that its been that long since, or perhaps I still feel like my brain and body failed me completely.
I’m still picking up the pieces and feel that I am always missing bits but that in itself is something to strive for, I s’pose.  To one day know that I’ve got a handle on all the little different pieces of my emotional and physical self once again, and can just Be.
As it stands, there are metaphorical holes in me that could fit a cruise ship. A really big one.

This year, I’m doing some remarkably different things. I got married, which is pretty dang cool. I have business opportunities that need careful planning and consideration which is taking up a lot of my time and therefore keeping me busy. I’m (continuously) writing, and one day will have it published… One day. 

So, in conclusion; I will be posting the cheesiest make-feel-good photo I can find on the internet.



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