Existentialism, For Fuck Sake!

Existentialism; To truly understand something, You have to experience it first.

My last post was as existential as I could make it… And I didn’t even know it.

Most situations we think are black and white, but actually they have millions of grey colours in them. If an universal truth (Right/Wrong, Good/Bad… etc) cannot properly govern your morality, then the only thing left to govern it is personal experience.

Consequently, the definition of morality is utterly left to the individual.


In my teen years I was a philosophical nightmare because I was having arguments with my religious teachers about the fundamental inaccuracies of what they were trying to jam down our throats.
I also spent most lunch times alone, but not caring because I was off in a world of thought…and so ultimately everyone thought I was weird. Understanding the Why’s and How’s of the universe was so much more important to me, that finding out if A+B (did in fact) = C.



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