Vulcan methodology, If I do say so myself

There is no time in this life time, for being angry with people; And there is no time in this life for being angry with yourself.
I’m completely harnessing my inner Vulcan here, but anger is a completely superfluous emotion. It isn’t needed or wanted in society any more, yet it is used on a day-to-day basis by everyone.

When people can’t or won’t take a step back and look at the situation with a (relatively) clear head and assess what’s going wrong; That’s when anger comes knocking on the door. (I say knocking but I really mean barging in, guns blazing, with a cigar in it’s mouth  and mumbling the words, “Are You feeling lucky…. Punk?“)

Philosophers of the ages have all had cracks at whether the human species would benefit  from having Anger eradicated from their emotional database, or not.

Some said that anger was a generated emotion, based on an ancient ancestral gene that was no longer needed in today’s society. Others thought that without Anger, all other emotions would collapse and generate a cascade failure, resulting in humans becoming non-emotive blobs.

I am personally, a fricken’ explosion waiting for the spark. It comes in the depth of my consciousness and will recall the most unclear conversation I had with someone, and turn it around so much that I immediately want to go and stab them in the eye with a blunt object.
I have a reactionary personality, with a touch of: Oh my gosh, I just said that… what the actual fuck, I should just go and bury myself alive… that will fix this!!
(In simple terms, I react to my reaction and try to tone it down after it’s occurred.)

Yes, I do realize that is completely ridiculous, but never the less I still do it to this day.

Because of this, I’ve found the most well used emotion in me is anger. So, I’m attempting to impart some Vulcan methodology to relieve myself of the burden that anger creates.



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