Curly Hair problem #472

Upon arriving for a coffee date a tad early, I decided to order and then wait for my friend. There was two people in front of me in the small store, so I decided to step outside a little to give them a bit more room.

A gaggle of women came by with shopping bags galore and stood about three centimetres away me. One of them asked if I was in line and I turned to her and replied, “Yes, I am.”
It was then that I caught the looks of all of them. I turned back to the front and noticed out of the corner of my eye that I was being observed like a vulture observes it’s dying prey. All four of them were looking at me quizzically, as If my eyes were protruding from my forehead.

Suddenly as the line moved forward, they attacked. Each one picked up a curl of my hair and screamed; Not an oh my god, what the hell is that?! scream…more of a oh my god, that puppy is so adorable!! scream.
I jumped at the ear piecing noise, as did everyone else in the cafe. They continued to blather and pull at my hair, before I wrenched it from their grip and asked them, “Do You mind?!”

The lady that first spoke to me exclaimed, that my hair was so curly and weird, they couldn’t stop touching… as she reached out and tried to grab a curl.

I say, “No. Please don’t touch my hair.”  They all gave me scowls, stepped back and commenced whispering about how ‘slimy’ my hair was at full volume.

Once I got the the front of the line , I looked up at the waiter and he grinned. He had a dark brown fro with a purple head band stretched around it, trying to tame it. I smiled back at him and he quipped (loud enough for them to hear),

“You’re coffee is on the house today!” He looked over me to stare at the gaggle and snapped his fingers and said, “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”



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