30 Day Blog Challenge

I’ve been asked to do a 30 Day Blog Challenge ... so here goes!

Note: I will, however stress that my keeping to any kind of schedule is laughable, and hence the possibility of taking a day off is allowed only by the catching-up of posting more than one blog for the next day.



DAY 1: Write some basic things about yourself. 

-I am short, (157cm or 5’2”)

-I have curly red hair; Think Merida from Brave

-I have a temper.

-I don’t have many friends, but the ones I do have mean more to me than the world.

-I like cold weather; Wind, Rain, Snow. I’m definitely not a hot weather person… even though live in Australia.

-I have had many jobs; Chef, Designer, Manager, Phlebotomist and at the moment, I’m a housewife, and although I have mixed feelings about the term housewife, it best describes my current “employment.”


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