10 likes, 10 dislikes || 30 Day Blog Challenge

10 Things I Like 

1. Hot Drinks; Tea, Coffee, Milo etc. I’d rather have a hot drink that a cool one.

2. Flowers; Don’t care what kind. Bright, colourful flowers.

3.Camping; Being outside, camp fires, sleeping under the stars!

4. Having a purpose; Whether it be to cook dinner, to do laundry, to go somewhere, to meet someone etc, I always love to have something to do.

5. Cold weather; It’s a very strange thing to love the cold… but live in Australia.

6. Having an opinion; If you Ask me something, you’re going to get more than your answer.

7. Curly hair; My hair is curly, and I love people with curly hair. If I see you, I’ll probably tell you how lovely your hair is!

8. Food; I love eating and creating food. It’ll be my undoing, one day!

9. Anime; Subbed, Dubbed or neither. The artistic ability to create the characters is fantastic, as are the story lines.

10. My heritage; I haven’t been to Scotland but I’ve been wanting to go my entire life. I want to find out everything there is to know about my family there and find a people,  who I feel, I fit in with.

10 Things I dislike 

1. Waking up; If you wake me up and it’s not a bloody emergency… you will feel my wrath.

2. Room service/Hotel meals; I hate not being able to cook for myself, but also to not see where the food is coming from. Hotels generally keep their kitchens away from prying eyes, so you never know where this food that just arrived on your doorstep is from, or if it just got nuked 2 seconds ago.

3. Baby names and ‘John/Jane Smith’; If you name your child something so used up and old that it’s turning into a 7pm sitcom … just stop. We have brains, so use them. Just because its ‘Name of the Month’ on babynames.com …  is not a good enough reason. Give it some damn thought!

4. Don’t try to convert me; Specifically, to the religion of the day. I don’t believe in god or his friends, the tooth fairy or santa clause. You can though, go right ahead! There is nothing I’m going to do to stop you, go have fun. But Do Not try to tell me I’m wrong, or figure you can bully me into it.
I will end you.

5. People who pretend they’re not naive; I’m a woman of 20-something years old and I don’t know everything. Far from it. I know that I don’t know everything and If you can teach me something, we’ll be friends! But don’t you dare think you know everything, ’cause You don’t. If I catch you, I’ll be the first to let you know.

6. Lying; As a general rule; If you lie to me once, our friendship is back to square one. If you lie to me twice, our friendship is over.

7. Judgey people who don’t know the whole story; We all know them. I don’t like them, at all. That’s probably the reason I can count my friend circle on one hand.

8.Politics; Specifically, Campaigns.
‘I will do the good thing!”
“No, I will do the good things!”

Just shutup and go and do them, then!

9. Being inconsiderate; Just, Stop. You’re being a total ass. Stop and think about it for two seconds.

10. Telling me things I already know;  I know them, so Please don’t tell me again. If I don’t remember them/it, I’ll ask you. But don’t harp on about something, It only makes me not want to be around you.

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