My day, in GREAT detail || 30 Day Blog Challenge

7am; Bleary eyed and half awake, stumble downstairs to make the Mr coffee and breakfast. The dogs are on a new training regime, one to hopefully stop the dominance/aggression Nyla is having toward Juno, so they sat in the middle of the floor on a rug that’s not near the couch or anyone… and sulk.

7:20(ish); The Mr goes high tails it out the door to work, and I feed both Dogs and Cats. I put Evie outside because She can’t stand being around the dogs for more than 2 seconds; she’ll chuck a shit fit and lose all her hair out of fear. I put her outside to tease the dogs through their fence, and She likes that. Poe, on the other hand, just got fixed so She’s confined inside until her stitches are removed. She gets put in a bedroom so I can open the back door.

8am; Time to have a shower, do my make up, sing and be a loud ass in the bathroom. I choose a outfit for the day, and awesome purple shoes with studs to accent the black shirt and jeans. I then try to tackle my hair… and with much cursing, I (kinda) get it to do what I want.

9am; Get downstairs, make myself another cup of coffee and a piece of toast. Look at the clock and see that I’ve got some time to check when the bus is coming, get my stuff together, etc. I get my phone, jacket, sunnies and keys… but  can’t find my wallet.
I realise, after searching the house high and low, that the last time I used it was when we got Poe from the vet… and put it under the seat so I could hold the squirming furball. It’s now three days later, and up until today I haven’t needed it. I message my husband to confirm that fact, and proceed to grind my teeth while typing a message to the organiser of the group meetup why I won’t be attending.

9:30am; Still in my nice clothes, I see the wrath of destruction that my kitchen is in: We had tacos last night, and tacos are never ever the cleanest meal.

9:35am; Ignore kitchen, make new coffee, sit on the deck with the dogs. While contemplating what I’m going to do today, I decide to take some dandy selfies with the pooches. I sat there for half an hour trying to make them artistic as fuck… it only kinda worked.

10:30am: I changed out of my brilliant outfit and into some tights and a shirt. It’s spring in Australia, but that doesn’t mean my floors have decided not to be ice; still requires slippers!

11am; Went to my office to start writing & sketching. I’ve got some ideas, I write some more pages for my book, sketch some things up and finish my coffee without  going on facebook, reddit  or instagram.

11:30am; Note: Need to make busicuts sometimes today.

12pm; Half hour on the treadmill before lunch. It’s windy as hell outside, and I’m hearing branches buffet the windows. Just dropped my new phone for the first time… and I’m glad to say that it’s still going strong!

12:26pm; Why the hell does today feel like Wednesday? I sat here for a good 30 seconds trying to convince myself, it’s Wednesday.

12:48pm; Another film idea has just popped into my head, amid work; I’m scrambling  around trying to write it down before it floats away. I’m going to have to re-arrange my office again; the sun is moving and at this time of the year, it gradually gets glarier and glarier in my office until I can’t see my screen any longer.

1:48pm; Alright stomach. ALRIGHT. I’ll feed you, Gawd. Whinger. 

2:34pm; I’m sitting here, my mind has gone blank. I’m going to have a bath and watch Doctor Who. Brain cannot and will not comprehend any more words other than Earl Grey Tea, Bath, & Doctor Who.  (I first typed Dococotor…And I’m proud of it.)

My bath is filled with all kinds of Lush products, because recently I opened the cupboard and the entire Lush box fell out and cracked all of my bath bombs into one big mess of colour and smell. This bath looks an awful lot like pee now, because I had a major amount of gold and green things in that Lush box…but it smells good!

4pm; Indeed, I spent the last hour and  a half in the bath.

6pm: Dinner. Whiting fillets, avocado, tomato. My favourite meal.

6-9pm: Youtube, playing with dogs & cats. The Mr is out at a work function tonight, so it’ll be me, tea, bed, and Doctor Who. 🙂

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