5 places you most want to visit || 30 day Blog Challenge

Ghibli Museum,
Mitaka, Tokyo.

I couldn’t get tickets when we were in Japan, so we didn’t get to go and experience the magic that is everything Ghibli. Next time, I’ll remember to book months in advance!


Blair Castle,
Perthshire, Scotland

Well, Home of my Father’s family anyway.
I’m a Murray, and I will be to my dying day; so it seems fit to find out where He and the rest of the mad buggers came from. Who knows… I might end up back home after all.

aerial_caravan_park-tilt blair-castle-woodlands

The Northern Lights,
Alta, Norway

The Aurora Borealis should be on everyone’s list. Plus… there is snow.



Republic of Yemen

Approximately 700 species of flora and fauna live on this tiny little place, but that number is radically diminishing. Plant species, such as the Dragon Blood Tree are found no where else on earth.


Fairy Pools,
Isle of Skye, Scotland

1. Scotland.
2. Fairies.
Need I say more?



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