Pet Peeves || 30 Day Blog Challenge

Note: Just going to say that I’m generally a cranky shit… so my Pet Peeves list huge, but I’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 today. 

1. Repetitive Sounds. 
This is called Misophonia and I have it. My husband loves to torment me. i.e, Last night, I was making a coffee and he was standing at the fridge. He started tapping on the door handle in this broken and non sequential beat, to the point that I walked over, grabbed his hand and glared at him to stop.

It’s like spiders are crawling up the base of my spine and to get them to stop, I have to silence the offending noise. Usually, unsequential beats do it but even a repetitive noise at a really deep resonance will send me over the edge.

2. Inching your car forward on a red light. 
We all understand. You really, really want to get going.
But stop. Red Means Stop.

3. Finding nothing on the rack in my size.
I’m a relatively small person and the fact that whenever I got into a clothing store and see a cute as fuck item and look for it in my size… Nothing. They have 20 million of each of the other sizes… but none of mine.
I’m condemned to wear trackies with stretchy waste bands for the rest of my life.

4. People who dress their pets
They are animals, with no need for extra fur. Give them a blanket if it’s cold, but thas it. No fireman’s outfits or Tutu’s. I will never understand why  people put pockets on animal clothes… what the fuck are they supposed to put in there?!

5. High Fives
If I know you well enough; I’ll hug you or shake your hand, wave, etc. If I do know you, You get a nod or a smile. Try to give me a high five, and I’ll likely glare at you and walk away.
High Five’s are the middle man of greetings, when You don’t know how the fuck to engage with a person, but must for some reason.


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