5 Celebrity Crushes/ Someone You fancy at the moment || 30 Day Blog Challenge

-Colette Butler
(Shaytards);Half of a Youtube Sensation, Colette is on my list simply because She’s beautiful, She has 5 kids and somehow can still function as a human being.

maxresdefault (2)

-Rebecca Brown (Beckie0);
Rebecca fights with Trichotillomania, and tries not to let it get the best of her. She shows another version of the human condition that many don’t want to see. Inspirational, but still human.


-Alli Speed (Alli); Just because. Seriously… I would do her in a heart beat.

download (5)

-Charlie Mcdonald (charlieissocoollike); I probably have to have a guy on this list somewhere…

photo (1)

-Emma Blackery (Emmablackery);  Because… Fuck.

images (2)

Who do I fancy at the moment?:

Facebook-20140325-124811 (1)
Yeah, there’s no changing this for at least a couple more months…


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