If the world were ending tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time? || 30 Day Blog Challenge

I’d start the day like any other; by kissing the husband and having a coffee. After realizing it’s the end of the world, I would hop in the car and head to the nearest Kmart. There, I’d buy every dog/pet toy I can lay my hands on. After that, I’d get back in the car and head to my local RSPCA/Animal Shelter, where I would adopt all of the dogs, and bring them home with me.
Once I got home with my pack, I’d cook every bit of meat left in my freezer, making them a feast. All of my dogs would be free to roam the property, and be dogs to the best of their ability.

After that I’d of course call family members, friends etc. Although, I honestly wouldn’t want to reminisce. Why bother? You’re going to be dead in a few hours… would you really want to spend that remaining time thinking about what you did?

I’d then make a feast for myself and the Mr, and we’d sit on the deck and watch the world spiral out of control. Probably with that bottle of Dom Perignon that we got with the house (It was stuffed up the back of a kitchen cupboard, behind a stack of old phone books. We found it when we moved in!  Apparently it’s worth a bit, so we haven’t cracked it open… yet.)



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