Reactions & Expectations

Mum; Cried, yelled at me for not giving her a heads-up and eventually realised that this was going to be her 6th grandchild…was then speechless, which doesn’t occur too often.

Dad; Was a bit pissed that I’d be giving him his first grandchild at an age where he can still run around after it. I laughed and then he got crankier, saying he’s going to fake a back injury for the first 10 years of it’s life.

Sister; Recalled her own pregnancies and then grinned at me and told me, in no uncertain terms, “Sucked in.” My nephew and niece offered to baby sit… if I payed them an extortionate amount of money and probably included alcohol of some description.

Brother; Laughed, but his Mrs. was pretty ecstatic.

Brother X2; Asked me all kinds of details about when he can drive down and meet his nephew/niece. I think he’s got it planned and noted in his diary.

Friends reactions were slightly more appropriate; they screamed and hugged me… and then apologised for hugging me too hard. A good friend is making names up (on my request) to call it, once we find out the sex. Names such as “Boyo/Girly … why do you constantly make me ill? What the hell have I ever done to you, beside give you bloody life!?

I’m going for my first hospital consultation today. Being that I have a high risk pregnancy, it’s the third time I’ve had a scan or seen doctors. This time, however, It’ll be at the women’s hospital that I’ll hopefully (fingers crossed) be welcoming the little bundle of screaming love into the world.
So not unlike my yearly heart/head checkup, today will no doubt include a lot of waiting around needing to pee but not being able to run to the bathroom in case they call my name and then the doctors get completely cranky with me, because I dared to drink water, and then they reschedule my entire day… (It’s. Fucking. Happened.)

That, and the fact that because I’m heading to a different hospital, my doubts of whether my files will be there to greet me, are very low. If they aren’t, and the doctors actually ask me; So… what’s your medical history like?  –  I’m likely to tell them that they’re going to have to reschedule this appointment, because they’re going to need a semi-trailer to bring in all my relevant files from the other hospital and probably 60 monkeys to go through it all. That, of course, was a cleaner version of the way this’ll go down. It will, no doubt, contain many more 4-letter words and appropriately shocking titles for people.



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