Sister-Wife & What You have to do.

I’ve realized that I cannot live my life without ‘friends’, or the interaction with someone sane and preferably not covered in barf.

1. You’ll never judge my drinking.
At 6am, or with my first (Irish)coffee of the day.
I’m joking. (…No, No I’m not.)

2. You don’t want children of Your own. 
Mine will be enough. Trust me on that.

3. Irony is da bomb.
Picture this; You’re child, who has never uttered a swear word before, suddenly makes You look like a porn director… In front of Your Mother in Law.

4. Cooking dinner will be My way, or takeaway.
You know good food. You also know takeaway. You do not judge.
You do not try to cook. Kitchen is mine. End of Story.

5. You have a high tolerance for sleep-deprivation.
In fact, You’d love to give me most (if not all) of your sleep time.
You’re nice like that.

6. Disclaimer.
… Husband is mine, no touchy! Child(ren) are mine too, although I’d sometimes wish they’re yours.
Oh, You can’t be too hot either. Not saying that my husband will stray … but my self esteem is going to take a punch in the guts if not.



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