I’ll be the first to say that maternity clothes to me, always seemed like a giant sheet was put over someone’s head with arm holes chopped out.
That’ll be $99.95 for that sheet- I mean, outfit. Thanks and have a great day!

I’ve been fitting into my regular clothes up until about two weeks ago, when I put my favourite pair of jeans on… and the buttons wouldn’t do up.
Now, I’m not saying there was need for a bit of squeezing involved… No. The buttons refused point blank, to encapsulate my growing stomach region to the point that one of them even threatened mutiny.
I then realised, to my horror, that it was probably time to go down to the target maternity section and buy some pants that wouldn’t want to strangle my growing child.

What I found was a scant range of boring ass jeans and Mumma-tops that made me want to gag. (Who the hell wears saffron and lime green stripes… honestly!?)
But I sucked it up and tried on a pair of their most not-beige jeans and… oh my god.

If heaven was a pair of jeans … I’d found it.


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