Week 23

I’m way past the point of no return and just around the corner from the third trimester, and so far everything is normal as normal can be.

Bub has begun to kick on an hourly basis, including waking me up a few times with an attempt at playing bongos on my organs.  I’m getting bigger, although people still wonder if I’m actually pregnant or if I’ve just eaten too many chocolates, which has thoroughly peeved me off.

But regardless of the nasty comments I’ve gotten from a few people, mostly everyone that I’ve spoken to has been thoroughly lovely and I’ve been drinking in all the advice my friend’s have been passing onto me. I’m having to have a nap, or at least a rest where I put my feet up, every day. It’s irritating, but with the heat and weather being as it has, it’s not a bad way to pass the afternoon.
I have had a bit of trouble with pregnancy brain and everything that goes along with that, including the fact that my emotions have been on a permanent roller coaster for the last few weeks.

A friend of mine is three weeks ahead of me, so we’re kind of revelling in this whole pregnancy thing together, which has been really amazing to be able to share it with someone who knows what it feels like to have this person inside you squiggling around.



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