Clothes suck.

I’ve always hated clothing. The idea of having to daily, wrap yourself up in all these foreign materials so society doesn’t have a freak out, absolutely amazed me. I grew up in Fiji, where first thing you do when you get to school, is take off your shoes and leave them by the school entrance in your locker. Simple.

I mean, that’s really not going as far as taking everything off, but it’s the best I’ve seen as of yet, without going to a nudist colony! I was totally weirded out the first time I saw what everyone was doing, and had to ask my driver if I got to do it too. He looked at me, all confused and said “Of course you do! Just, remember to get them before you leave!”
No shoes. All day. It was bliss. And being Fiji where the temperature soared, it was lovely to run under the sprinklers with bare feet in lush green grass at lunch time.

After that, we moved to the hippy loving destination of Byron Bay, Australia for the rest of my school years, and I grew further into my hatred of clothing. Every chance I got, I’d take advantage of not having to wear them, or at least, not having to wear  as much.  Byron, again, was quite hot so it began the cycle of a bikini for 2/3 of the year, and bikini and a light jacket for the rest. Byron was and still is, the hippy capital of the world and so everyone there hated clothes almost as much as me.

The no shoes thing has continues to this day, and every time my husband gives me shit for not wearing shoes, I just smile and remember that I grew up in a place that was absolutely foreign to him and the thought of forcing your child to go through a school day with closed in shoes and socks was horrendous. We were taking the other night and realised suddenly that soon enough, our time of walking around the house starkers will unfortunately be put to an end.
No longer will I be able to make tea in the nude, because it’s too damn hot to put anything on but I’m drinking something that moment ago was boiling.. I don’t really get where that came from, but I just go with it. No longer will skinny dipping be a normal procedure for this house, and the thought of sleeping starkers will simply be a thing of the past.

Shoes are only an occasional impost, and almost I almost never put them on when I’m at home. Thongs (flip flops) at my 99.9% active/everything shoe, and I’ve even gone so far as to put the on in the dead of winter… I’m pretty sure my family thought me feet would freeze off, but still didn’t say anything! I’ve even gone hiking in thongs, although broke them half way back and was coined as the camps hippy, which I was fine with.


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