Many things.

I’m feeling utterly drained. I don’t remember feeling this way, except right before I went through surgery. Baby making and Surgery – who’d ever know they were so alike?

My belly is making a swift change from Naww, Look at it!  to Holy crap, She’s about to explode!
And Yes, with 6 weeks to go … I think I’m defiantly about to explode.
This child has the uncanny ability to both head-butt my pelvic bone to the point of yelping, as well as kicking my ribs with both feet … at the same time. I’m slightly regretting finding a husband that was 100 feet tall, for that sole reason. (Just kidding!)

I spilt tea on myself because I missed my mouth, but luckily the bub caught it. Good job, kiddo. 

It was our 1 year marriage anniversary this past week. I’m not the only party in this relationship to tell you that I was not quite ready for the date to roll around. In fact, I was shocked that it’s been a year already. This time, 12 months ago I married the best freakin’ man in the universe. Crazy!
Unfortunately, my wedding and engagement rings were not playing ball with each other, and so I’d had to take my engagement ring off about 3 months ago. Basically, the sides of it were raised in a point and wearing it above my wedding ring meant that the sharp point was in line with my knuckle on both of my surrounding fingers. And… they didn’t appreciate that too much.
Well, the Mr. knew this, and for a anniversary gift, he got the stone reset – so now it’s a lovely, flat!!! band. It’s so nice to wear, I can barely feel it. That and he also got me a new wedding ring/anniversary ring to go with it. So, I’m all jewelled up now, and they both look pretty dang spectacular. 🙂




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